Reviews and Testimonials

A woman happily holding a pink scarfSuds and Bubbles strives to be the premier laundry service in the Chino and Pomona Valleys. We strive to keep our facilities clean, and offer a staff ready to help with anything you need. Whether you want a self service laundromat, a wash and fold, or need a pick up and delivery for your garments... WE MAKE DOING LAUNDRY EASY!

"I have to say, for a Laundromat this is the friendliest and cleanest. The owner and his associates were extremely helpful by taking the time to advise which machines to use to save ME money. Thank you very much and I'll definitely be back. (I hope not too soon and my washing machine gets fixed)."
Valerie H.
"Wonderful laundromat!!!!! It's clean, the employee is very helpful, and there are a large selection of sizes for washers. I feel the dryers work better than others because .50¢ is all it takes! Not much seating room, but there is Doublz and a Stater Bros across the street."
Marybeth M.
"This is a professionally run laundromat! Exceptional customer service and machines are new and place is very clean. Owner onsite for customers. Visited during a hot day and owners provided bottled water! Thank you for your business and great customer service provided by the female attendant!!"
Michele M.
"The facility was clean, professionally managed with a true since of customer appreciation. The owner is very cordial, and freely handed out cold bottles of water to customers while they did their laundry."
David W.
"The owner was VERY helpful in making sure people had machines that they needed. He was very attentive. He was even making sure to help people carry their bags to the car. Will be coming here again and will highly recommend this place to friends and family"
Marcos P.
"I have previously only had bad experiences when having to go to the laundromat. This place is awesome! The variety of sizes for both washers and dryers is great! It was very clean and there is a very nice and helpful lady who works there. We were able to wash and dry our clothes in record time. Drying three loads of laundry in one dryer for 50 cents is amazing!"
Sylvia M.
"A great place to get your large comforters washed. The owner came out and thanked us individually for our patronage and that was definitely something that had never happened before at other places."
Ash L.