Medical Laundry Service

Medical facilities are held to a higher cleanliness standard then most businesses. So you want to be sure that all of your scrubs, linens, hospital gowns, and towels are all in mint condition. Having stained uniforms or towels will not inspire confidence. 

If you use Suds and Bubbles medical laundry service you are sure to always look clean and professional. Our launderers are all expert launderers who have been doing laundry for years. They will take great care with your laundry. 

We will pick up your dirty laundry for you and bring it back to our laundromat. We will wash it, dry it and professionally fold it. Then we will return it to you when you need it. We will work with your schedule to make sure you always have fresh, clean laundry. 

Our commercial laundry service will work with hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, long term care facilities, and veterinary offices. Concentrate on your patients, not your laundry.

Call us for a bid at: 909-465-0629 or email us at: